Session of the Crisis Staff today: Belgrade to face lockdown again?

The Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, stated today that Belgrade is again the biggest hotspot of coronavirus in Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

He appealed to the citizens of Belgrade to adhere to the epidemiological measures.

Vesić told TV Pink that out of 111 newly infected people in Serbia, 40 percent are in Belgrade.

He added that the Crisis Staff would meet today and appealed to the citizens to adhere to all epidemiological measures so that "we would not ruin what we did in the previous months, when Serbia was one of the countries with the least number of newly infected."

Vesić emphasized that masks should be worn in public transport, shopping malls and all other closed facilities.

"It was colder for a few days, the gardens were not working and what is happening is a consequence of the fact that the masks were not worn indoors. I beg and appeal to all Belgraders, to the employees in the shops, to wear masks indoors. That is the only way to protect ourselves from the epidemic, not to get into the situation we were in in June or March, so that we prevent further transmission of COVID-19", Vesić said.

He added that the citizens of Belgrade, if the measures are respected, will be able to get out of this situation in the best possible way and receive a vaccine that will enable us to permanently protect ourselves from the virus.

Vesić emphasized that the vaccination against the seasonal flu started yesterday in all health centers.

"Everyone who wanted to be vaccinated in the City Assembly was given a vaccine yesterday," Vesić said, urging the citizens to receive that vaccine.

He emphasized that the city provided needed quantity of the flu vaccine.

"We have been trying all these months to enable catering facilities to work, the economy to work, people to earn money, life to flow normally and at the same time to protect the health of the population," Vesić said.

He pointed out that the weekend is coming, when people behave more relaxed, and called on the citizens to be disciplined.

"We controlled some 80 facilities last night, more or less measures were applied, but there are certain restaurants and guests who do not want to apply measures. Please act responsibly this weekend because our behavior during this weekend will be reflected in an epidemiological situation on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday", Vesić emphasized.

He added that if the citizens are responsible, the lives and health of the people will be saved and life will continue to flow normally.

Asked whether an increase in the state of emergency or the situation in Belgrade can be expected if the number of infected people increases, Vesić said that this is not a topic on the agenda.

"At this moment, it is enough for all of us to adhere to epidemiological measures," Vesić said, citing schools in which only one case of virus transmission from one student to another was recorded as an example of successful compliance to the measures.


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