53 workers die in Serbia's construction sites in one year

The most dangerous working places in Serbia have become construction sites.

Source: B92, Tanjug, Prva TV
(Prva TV, screenshot)
(Prva TV, screenshot)

The latest tragedy in Novi Sad confirms this, where a 28-year-old engineer died at a construction site.

Last year, 53 workers lost their lives at construction sites across Serbia. And in the last six months in Novi Sad, three people died.

According to Stevan Djurovic, director of the Labor Inspectorate, last year, 40 criminal complaints were submitted for tragic incidents at construction sites, Prva TV is reporting.

"Unfortunately, in as many as 95 percent of cases it's about the human factor. According to the chain of command, they are held responsible starting with the investor, the manager of the site, the occupational safety officer, and the foreman. he inspection found that many of the workers have not undergone medical examinations," Djurovic explains.

Goran Rodic, who spoke on behalf of the Chamber of Construction Industry of Serbia, recalled that at one time our country was known worldwide for quality construction industry and high standards on construction sites.

The latest tragedy in Novi Sad, was the third in the last six months. On the occasion of the death of the young engineer, only trade unions reacted, announcing, together with the Government of Serbia, that 2019 will be declared "the year of health safety in the workplace."
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