Head of institution for persons with special needs sacked

The head of the Home for Adults (with special needs) in Trbulje, near the town of Blace, has been dismissed in the wake of a Prva TV report.

Source: Prva TV
(screenshot, Prva TV)
(screenshot, Prva TV)

This is the first result of extraordinary checks that are being carried out at this institution, after a young man died from exposure to low temperatures. Possible abuse is also being investigated.

Prva TV's Eksploziv ("Expolosive") program investigated the death of the young man in question. However, he is not the only victim, and inspectors should now shed light on what has been happening in Trbulje.

At first, there were reports of the death of 25-year old Nis native S.Dj., who was a patient at the Home for Adults - followed by two more cases. S.Dj. was admitted to a hospital in the town of Prokuplje with bruises, and body temperature of only 25 degrees Celsius.

The doctors said that the bruises were found on his hands and legs.

The real truth about these should be known after an autopsy has been carried out.

Some media reported earlier that conditions at the institution in Trbulje are "catastrophic and inhumane," something that is also now being investigated.


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