Kosovo crisis: Hollywood gets involved?

Belgrade seems to have, through no effort of its own, enlisted the backing of a number of Hollywood stars over Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

After George Clooney and Sharon Stone announced that they would protest a possible secession of Kosovo from Serbia, reports say that their colleagues, Richard Gere and Sir Sean Connery – decided to join them.

Tanjug reports, quoting media abroad, that the stars intend to organize a protest against Kosovo's independence "at the heart of the world's film industry, in Hollywood, as early as next month."

While media already quoted Stone and Clooney statements, some even suggesting that Tom Hanks may have joined them, the agency says Gere and Connery now subscribe to the same point of view.

Clooney was quoted as saying that despite the fact that he is closely follows world news, when it comes to Kosovo, he "does not have the opportunity to hear the Serbian side."

Clooney revealed that his friend Stone has so far "met with a number of influential people in the United States" in order to prevent the province's independence.

According to the report, Gere will take part in this campaign shaping up because he is "very suspicious as to why the great powers are so resolute in their intention to grant Kosovo independence."

"There must be something in that Kosovo, when they fight for it so hard," the actor was quoted.

Meanwhile, Connery also reacted, comparing the situation regarding Kosovo with his native Scotland.

"In its history, Scotland has had much more right to be independent, but it was not allowed to," the veteran actor said, wondering "why such a precedent would be made now," according to the agency.


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