111 newly infected in Serbia, one person died; The Crisis Staff issued a statement

According to the latest information, 111 newly infected people were registered in Serbia by 3 pm, while one person died.

Source: B92
Ilustracija: GettyImages/ Emanuele Cremaschi Stringer
Ilustracija: GettyImages/ Emanuele Cremaschi Stringer

In the last 24 hours, 6.139 samples were tested, and 1.140.378 since the outbreak of the epidemic.

There are 23 people on the respirator, and 276 patients were hospitalized.

The death rate in Serbia is 2.23 percent.

So far, 33.662 cases have been registered and 750 people have died.

Over 40 percent positive cases in Belgrade; The Crisis Staff made a statement

Of the total number of newly infected, 40 percent are in Belgrade.

The Crisis Staff emphasized that it is crucial to maintain a high level of discipline and personal responsibility in this period.

As they say, it is crucial to wear masks indoors, such as shopping malls, shops, city traffic, post offices, banks.

"It is a preventive measure that can preserve our health and ensure a calmer autumn. Regular room ventilation, hand hygiene, disinfection of the space and maintaining distance are crucial if we want to achieve our goal, which is the final victory over the coronavirus. Although currently relatively stable, our fight with COVID is still going on and any irresponsible behavior today can cost us dearly tomorrow", the Crisis Staff states.


Jankovic: Let's not get to the abyss

Crisis Staff member, Dr Srdja Janković, said that there weren't enough epidemiologists to monitor the contacts of all those infected with coronavirus in Serbia.

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