I told you so

The resignation of DPS leader Milo Djukanović is expected, said Prime Minister of Montenegro Dritan Abazović, adding that a new era for Montenegro should begin.

Source: RTCG

After laying the foundation stone for the building for RTCG employees, Abazović told reporters that he had announced Djukanović's resignation before.

"For me, it was totally expected, I announced it somewhere before. Let people look at the statements from the previous period and everything will be clear to them," Abazović said.

He stated that there is no need to comment on it now.

"Let's move on, we have a lot of other obligations, what happens within one party should not be of additional interest to us. One era has ended, a new era for Montenegro should begin and let the citizens be at peace," he said.

Abazović said that in the context of the parliamentary elections, this is an internal problem of DPS.

"The focus is on other things, to build Montenegro, to prepare the tourist season, whoever wants to prepare for the elections and make calculations has that opportunity, we can do that outside of working hours," said Abazović and pointed out that he is not interested in what happens inside or outside the DPS.


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