Tensions outburst in Montenegro: Clash on road blockade, police detain citizens VIDEO

Several people were arrested on the blockade of the regional road Berane - Andrijevica, after the intervention of the police, RTCG reported.

Source: B92, RTCG
Printskrin RTCG
Printskrin RTCG

Residents of Andrijevica started a blockade in the town of Slatina, protesting over the arrest of a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Bishop Joanikije, head of Diocese of Budimlje-Niksic.

The citizens of Andrijevica are blocking the main road Berane - Andrijevica - Plav from 11 am.

The long line of motor vehicles was formed in the length of one kilometer.

Members of the police also arrived at the place where the road was blocked, and in the meantime, one ambulance vehicle was let by.

The citizens said that they decided on that move in protest against the arrest of the priest and Bishop Joanikije.

The footage that appeared shows the commotion of the police and a group of demonstrators, the withdrawal and finally the arrest of several people by the police, escorting them into the police van. While the police were taking them to the van, some of the protestors ran into them.


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