Muslim-Croat entity veterans clash with police in Sarajevo

Several hundred demobilized soldiers who protested in Sarajevo in front of the FBiH parliament building, clashed with the police on Wednesday.


The FBiH (the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina) is the Muslim-Croat entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina - the other being the Serb Republic (RS).

The incidents today took place as protesters blocked the main road in Sarajevo, on which occasion, according to still unverified information, 30 former fighters got injured, the local website is reporting.

The police said they used force and tear gas because some of the fighters carried metal rods. The tear gas made some of the protesters feel ill, so they sought medical help.

Demobilized fighters from the FBiH entity started their protest in front of the parliament on Wednesday, demanding that both of the body's houses schedule urgent sessions with only one item on their agendas - harmonizing the amendments to the Law on Demobilized Fighters and Members of their Families.

The protesters also announced that they would remain in front of the parliament building until their demands have been met.


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