Srebrenica mayor against upcoming RS referendum

Srebrenica Municipality President Camil Durakovic says he will not form a commission that should organize the upcoming RS referendum in this municipality.

Source: B92, Tanjug

According to Durakovic, the referendum - that will ask citizens to decide whether to challenge the Constitutional Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina's decision that the marking of RS Day on January 9 was unconstitutional - is itself "violating the Constitution of Bosnia-Herzegovina."

Srebrenica is located in the Serb Republic (RS) entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, whose other entity is the Muslim (Bosniak)-Croat Federation (FBiH).

Durakovic also "stressed he will not heed anyone's threats, including those coming from RS President Milorad Dodik," and that "no sanctions exist that could change his decision."

"Nobody must violate the Constitution of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and if Dodik were to consider things a little better, we would realize that the state is above the entities in the constitutional order, and that by my decision not to form a municipal commission, I am merely defending the legal framework within which the RS functions. I respect entity organs of government more than Dodik does," said Durakovic.

In a statement carried by the Fena agency, the Srebrenica mayor also said he thinks Dodik is "preparing the next steps after the referendum," and that Dodik's message has been that "if he is allowed to hold this referendum, he won't stop there."

According to Durakovic, as long as he is at the helm of the municipality, "Bosnia-Herzegovina and its laws will be respected."

On Thursday, Dodik spoke in the town of Zvornik to say that the RS Day referendum will be held, and that the RS Assembly's decisions pertaining to the referendum should be implemented in all municipalities, including in Srebrenica.

Dodik told reporters that he heard that Durakovic "tried to say that he will not respect the decision concerning the referendum."

"We'll probably deal with this later, but we'll certainly deal with it. Nobody in the RS will ever again be able to disrespect the RS organs of government, even if his name is Camil Durakovic. We'll find the instruments for that kind of story," the RS leader said, announcing that failing to respect decisions made by the RS National Assembly "will probably be a criminal offense going forward."

The RS Day referendum, that is being fiercely opposed by the Bosniaks, will be held on September 25.


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