Serbia makes progresses in meeting GRECO recommendations

Serbia is no longer included in the list of globally unsatisfactory countries in the fight against corruption.

Source: B92,
(Beta, file, illustration)
(Beta, file, illustration)

The Ministry of Justice announced on Tuesday that this had been stated in the latest report regarding GRECO recommendations.

The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) is the Council of Europe (CoE) anti-corruption monitoring body.

The new report was adopted at the 82nd plenary session of GRECO, held March 18-22, the government sad on its website, adding that the document assessed that Serbia, out of the total of 13 recommendations it addressed, partially met ten, while three have not yet been met.

Given that most of these recommendations are related to constitutional amendments, the Council of Europe could not establish progress in meeting the recommendations fully fulfilled until the Constitution of Serbia changes.

Progress has been made in terms of 10 recommendations, while two of the three recommendations that are not fully implemented relate to the adoption of a new anti-corruption law.

Taking into account that the proposal of this law will soon be found in the parliamentary procedure, its adoption will also fulfill these two recommendations.

The report commends the adoption of a new law on lobbying, which introduces a completely new profession into the legal system of Serbia. Our country is commended for passing an innovative and modern law, which many member states of the Council of Europe have not yet adopted.

The above recommendation is still treated in partly fulfilled, exclusively due to the delayed application of the said law by August 14.

Given that many processes are in progress, GRECO concluded that more than 75% of the recommendations have been partially fulfilled, and that Serbia is required to report on further progress no later than December 31.


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