Djindjic would today stand with Vucic, says official

Goran Vesic says Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic,who was assassinated in 2003, would today stand with President Aleksandar Vucic.

Source: Tanjug
(Getty Image, file)
(Getty Image, file)

Vesic is a member of the ruling SNS Presidency and former senior official.

"Djindjic would be on the side where the problems are being solved and the things he dreamed about are being done. To put it clearly, he would be with Vucic," said Vesic.

In an interview with the tabloid Kurrir, carried by Tanjug, Vesic - who is today a Belgrade City official - explained that Djindjic would be "the one who is negotiating about Serbia's EU membership, on the side of those carrying out economic and social reforms, those who are fighting for every foreign investment, for new jobs and for a Serbia that is again respected in the international community."

According to him, Djindjic "would be with the one who boldly opened the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, like in he had done in 2002, knowing that any waiting means further moving out of Serbs."

Djindjic would also "be with those who today go through the same satanization that he has gone through. (With that) about whom those who attacked Djindjic, the NGOs, the self-proclaimed experts and the 'independent' media, today tell the same lies about crime and jobs, whom today the same nationalists are declaring a traitor. What the president of the Republic and the government are doing in Serbia today is what Djindjic started at the beginning of this millennium. And that's why he would be there," said Vesic.

On the eve of the anniversary of Djindjic's murder on March 12, 2003, Vesic points out that the slain prime minister and Democratic Party (DS) leader, to which he was at the time a close associate, "is not forgotten today, sixteen years after the murder. "

"Serbia is on the road that he started and the state is raising a monument to him on the proposal president of the Republic," Vesic said of Djindjic, adding:

"He won. He paid his victory with his life, but I'm not sure that he would not accept that price only to make his dream come true. Because, he was saying that a man lives as long as he and his work are remembered," Vesic said.

He also recalled what Serbia looked like when Djindjic was killed - "tragically divided over every issue, regardless of whether it was important for the state and the people, whether it is Kosovo and Metohija, the European Union, social reform or modernization, and of how many lies had been spoken about him."

"How many lies have been said by the NGOs, the elf-proclaimed experts and the 'independent' media simply because they did not allow them to run the state? They called him a criminal, lied about him as the owner of factories and restaurants, while their mouths were full of European Union and reforms," said Vesic.

He particularly stressed the experienced the assassinated PM had when he in 2002 asked to settle the issue of Kosovo and Metohija immediately - in countries sponsoring the self-proclaimed Kosovo independence (that came in 2008) he was accused of being a Serb nationalist, and in the country by the nationalist as someone he wants to "sell out" Kosovo.

Vesic assessed that "such a Serbia, divided and without institutions, was an ideal stage to see a group of murderers in uniform show up, who were encouraged to see the solution to all problems in the k of the prime minister," and stressed that he would today "never be with people who now lead the Serbian opposition."


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