Let's all band together against Serbia - Pristina official

Opposition DPK leader and Kosovo Assembly President Kadri Veseli says he "hopes there is no longer a need for a war in Kosovo."

Source: Tanjug
(EPA-EFE, file)
(EPA-EFE, file)

And while he "personally" is "ready to face Serbia" - Veseli also called on Macedonia and Montenegro, now members of NATO, to "all gather together against Serbia."

"I will face Serbia as I faced it 20 years ago. Inshalla (Arabic for 'God willing') there will no longer be fighting. The eleventh anniversary of independence has just ended: God forbid that Serbia breaks the border of Kosovo, I do not believe that I could to stay at home. Lord, I do not want that to happen, it's better then for me to get hurt than a KSF soldier," Veseli said late on Wednesday on KTV.

He also told the broadcaster that he "does not want to fulfill Serbia's wishes in any way"- but would "not destabilize the situation in Kosovo with any of his gestures."

"I am not in politics to compete whether Hashim (Thaci), Isa (Mustafa) or Ramush (Haradinaj) is stronger, I am only against Vucic," Veseli said, adding that he is certain the Pristina government "will never fall due to Serbia's demands and because of the taxes imposed on Serbian goods."

Pristina, according to him, should listen to the United States, which wants to "stop the Russian influence in the Balkans."

"Macedonia and Montenegro are in NATO, we are not, let's all gather together against Serbia," Veseli said.


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