Defense minister: Blockades look like Ukrainian scenario

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin says that protests in Serbia over high fuel prices represent "the same action that took place in Ukraine in 2013."

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(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

"In a few days no one will remember the fuel, you will have demands for the resignation of the government, the president of the republic, nobody will remember why it started," Vulin told the daily Alo on Tuesday.

He said that the police in Serbia will not be putting up any cordons and would take care to respect the law, "but will not endanger anyone in any way because they are showing maximum patience and levelheadedness."

Vulin also predicted the formation of a "media coalition" that would "move to topple."

He said that "a photo of a girl giving a truck driver a flower - like the photos in Ukraine, Romania and Slovakia - will appear as a symbol of the protest."

"They use exactly the same methods. You cannot expect the same thing to happen in Serbia, and for the consequences not to be the same as in Maidan, where a civil war almost broke out," Vulin said.


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