Daily: Secret operation, "Club 100" taking Serbia to NATO

Representatives of the US embassy and NATO have intensified their efforts to bring Serbia closer to the Western military alliance.

Source: Tanjug
(EPA-EFE, file, illustration purposes)
(EPA-EFE, file, illustration purposes)

Their goal is to establish the "Club 100," writes Belgrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti.

According to the newspaper, university professors and public figures would enter this "Club 100" in order to openly promote a policy of abandoning Serbia's current course of neutrality.

As stated, the essence is to step up both the propaganda work, and operational activities on the field.

The paper points out that this extensive campaign relies on the global strategy of the West aimed at "eliminating the malign influence of Russia in the Balkans" - and that the key zone of intensified propaganda is precisely Serbia, but also the Serb Republic, "where NATO and Western intelligence officers have a special task to break the firm link between Milorad Dodik and the Kremlin."

Referring to "well-informed sources," the newspaper writes that second secretary at the US embassy (in Belgrade) John Bowermaster recently said that in mid-September, a group of professors will gather in Fruska Gora to be trained and educated on how to popularize NATO.

Vecernje Novosti, however, noted that Bowermaster is leaving his post, and that the plan is for the project which he started to be completed by his successor, John Rutherford. The article recalls that Cincila Moli (Serbian transliteration) from the department for propaganda activity of the European Command of NATO stayed in Belgrade last month, and talked with the representatives of some NGOs, asking about the public opinion about the US and NATO, and whether it can be changed.

The daily added that she was interested in whether the cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army with NATO was well presented, as well as what had been done to promote the exercise "Serbia 2018" that will be organized by NATO and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia in Mladenovac in October.

At approximately the same time, Vecernje Novosti point out, a meeting was held in Hotel Crowne Plaza on the occasion of the said exercise, attended, among others, by James Mackey, head of NATO's Euro-Atlantic and Global Partnership, and NATO officer for Serbia Anzelik Tomsen Barnet (Serbian transliteration).

Instead of the exercise itself, the main topic was the plan to promote the alliance in Serbia, the paper said.

The article also said that the US embassy supports the activities of some NGOs engaged in NATO promotion, adding that Hotel Crystal in Belgrade was the venue in mid-May of a conference entitled "Forming the future of Serbia in an era of insecurity," organized by the Atlantic Council of Serbia NGO, that discussed the advantages of Serbia's cooperation with NATO and with the United States.


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