Serbian security services to meet over events in Macedonia

PM and President-elect Aleksandar Vucic late on Thursday scheduled an emergency meeting of the Bureau for Coordination of Security Services for Friday.

Source: B92

Vucic, who chairs the Bureau, said what is happening in Macedonia is not only a Macedonian problem, "but a problem for all of us who live in the region."

According to the Serbian government, he also "appealed to the citizens of this country to solve problems peacefully," and sent them the following message:

"As prime minister and as the elected president of the Republic of Serbia I always did everything to maintain the best of relations between Belgrade and Skopje, between Serbia and Macedonia. I think that the citizens of Macedonia know and respect the way in which the Republic of Serbia relates to the citizens of Macedonia, but also to the state of Macedonia.

I am very concerned about this evening's events and my only message is to ask them to all the problems and resolve disputes in a peaceful manner.

Calming the situation is certainly in the best interest of Macedonia and its citizens, and all other problems can be solved at the negotiating table, in a peaceful way, in a peaceful atmosphere.

This is not only a Macedonian problem, but is becoming a problem for all of us and therefore we should ensure peace and stability for our children."

A group of protesters on Thursday evening stormed the Macedonian Assembly in Skopje.


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