LDP: Early elections only solution

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) believes that Serbia is in a political crisis, and the only rational solution is to call early elections.

Source: Tanjug

LDP leader Čedomir Jovanović has also said that "everything that has marked the process of the government reshuffle clearly brings an end to the ruling coalition (SNS-SPS-URS)."

Jovanović said that this ruling coalition fulfilled its purpose by reaching the agreement in Brussels, since they were the only ones who could do that given that for years they were the greatest obstacle to changing the Kosovo policy.

The LDP leader underlined that Serbia needs a policy with vision which will be able to take on the greatest challenges that our society is facing.

Jovanović said that during one year of the government's work, no reform process has been launched.

“We have witnessed wasting the last potentials for necessary changes, while the ruling coalition has become a generator of problems, and for the reason early elections are necessary,” Jovanović stated.


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