DS deputy leader: Party needs new people

Democratic Party (DS) deputy leader Dragan Đilas presented his program on Saturday but stressed that this was not his official candidacy for the party leader.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug

“This is not an official candidacy because I expect a position of all committees that I have presented my program to,” he explained.

The DS committees will nominate their candidates for the new party leader next week.

Đilas said on Saturday in the central Serbian city of Kragujevac that the DS needed new people and new energy. He stressed that not a single DS member should be ashamed of being a member of the party.

The DS deputy leader said that nobody could say a “single bad thing about DS leader Boris Tadić because he is a great statesman“.

Đilas also underscored that only those who had “impeccable records and achieve results” could represent the party.

Despite announcements, he did not present his candidates for DS deputy leaders at the Saturday’s event.

B92 has learnt that he will propose Bojan Pajtić, Jovan Marković, Vesna Martinović and Dejan Nikolić for the positions.

“This is not a campaign against Tadić or any other candidate, but a discussion aimed at finding a way for Boris Tadić to stay in the party after the election assembly if Đilas wins,” Pajtić explained.


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