U.S. official starts visit to Serbia

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon will arrive in Belgrade on Sunday for a two-day visit.

Izvor: Tanjug

Gordon should meet with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić, PM-Designate Ivica Dačić and Democratic Party (DS) leader Boris Tadić.

Tanjug has learned earlier at the U.S. Embassy, Gordon will be visiting Belgrade on July 8 and 9.

It is still not known whether Gordon will meet with other Serbian officials as well.

Meetings with the U.S. official were confirmed by Dačić and Tadić, who, as they put it, should see Gordon on Sunday.

Announcing his meeting with Gordon, Dačić said Saturday that the U.S. administration's well-known stance was that Serbia did not have to recognize Kosovo's independence, but added that all their efforts would be aimed at indirect recognition.

Tadić, who attended the Croatia Summit in Dubrovnik on Saturday, told Tanjug he met with Gordon there but added they would have more detailed talks on Sunday, when the U.S. official arrives in Belgrade.

Nikolić told reporters at a reception at the Japanese Embassy several days ago that he would also meet with Gordon.

Gordon is coming to Belgrade from Dubrovnik, where he attended the 7th Croatia Summit. In his speech there he said that Serbia was not expected to recognize Kosovo at this point but that it would have to come to terms with the reality of a democratic, sovereign, independent and multi-ethnic Kosovo within its current borders.

Gordon added that the U.S. would not influence the forming of the government and that the U.S. would support the new pro-European government that would be committed to Serbia’s EU integration and respect regional stability and develop constructive relations with Kosovo.


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