Veni, vidi, vici!

Novak's 22nd Grand Slam trophy, "my" first, at the Australian Open, a favorite tournament for both of us.

Source: B92, Milan Tomic

A huge feat of the Serbian tennis player, one of the biggest in his career in which he has already broken all possible and impossible records.

Jubilee 10th in Melbourne, which brought him back to the top of the ATP ranking. From Monday, he will begin his 374th week at the head of the caravan.

It is a great feeling to witness the writing of new, golden pages of white sports history.

All the circumstances in which he won the Australian Open give additional importance to this success on the "Rod Laver" arena.

This stadium was too small to accommodate all the Serbs, who wanted to support their favorite during the match.

Several thousand people stayed in the garden of the complex, where they watched the match between Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas on a large video projector.

The Greek community in Melbourne is huge, but there were fewer people with blue and white flags.

Our immigration recognized the moment to support Novak, who himself said that during more than a decade and a half, since he has been performing in Australia, he has not experienced anything like this.

"The support I had this year is the most beautiful thing. I always have, but this year really what was in the stadium and in the square is probably the most beautiful. The strongest, loudest support ever. I think they also recognized the importance of the moment. They wanted to be here, to give me wings," Djokovic said.

Novak faced various adversities during these months in Australia, where, first of all, he did not know how he would be welcomed.

Everything went well, but then an injury appeared. Thanks to the therapies and the efforts of the medical team, the left hamstring was "fixed", but a new problem arose.

Just when he picked up his form and began to charge for the title, the unpleasant situation in which Srdjan Djokovic found himself with the Russian fans happened.

Novak's father was not in the stands in the semi-final and final, and that decision was made jointly, within the family circle.

"We talked and I thought that things had to calm down, but they didn't. We both agreed that it's better not to be at the match. It hurts us, these are unique moments because who knows if it will happen again. We saw each other after the match. He didn't feel the best, but he was happy about the victory," Djokovic said.

After everything he has been through in the past year, the reaction after the victory over Tsitsipas should not be surprising.

Novak went to his box, greeted everyone, and then just sat down and cried.

Everything came to him at that moment. After all, he is only human. For the umpteenth time, he got to his goal the hard way, his way.

"God arranged things for me the way they were supposed to be and what I was supposed to go through. This is not a question of faith or anything, religion, but this is the most sincere opinion from the bottom of my heart. I believe in God, I am a big believer in that context. I believe in divine energy, guardian angels," Djokovic said.

I prayed to God also, this evening, to please the people from the media team, who decided not to give me an accreditation pass for the match "due to an error in the system".

I really wondered for a moment if it was possible that I would spend the Grand Slam final in front of the stadium because of the error in the accreditation procedure.

I went across the world, followed day and night for two weeks and in the end - to be left without what I came for?

They understood somehow and allowed me to enter the Rod Laver Arena in the middle of the second set, where Novak had a 1-0 advantage in sets at that moment.

I arrived at the moment when the match was breaking - Stefanos missed a set point, then lost it, just as he lost his serve at the beginning of the third set, after a break was made.

It was around 10:00 p.m. local time, and I prophetically announced to my colleagues that everything would be over within half an hour.

Djokovic seemed so sure, experienced, not drastically better than Tsitsipas, but just better enough to do what he has done hundreds and hundreds of times in his career - to emerge victorious.

The Serbs knew how to celebrate the triumph of their favorite, and a crowd soon formed in front of the central stadium in Melbourne Park.

The trumpeters and drummers have already started the song, and the chants and ovation for the Serbian tennis player would be interrupted for a Serbian folk dance.

The fans were waiting for Novak, but the tradition of going out on the balcony, which is valid for example at Wimbledon, does not exist here at the Australian Open.

People with "tricolors" hoped that their favorite would appear, but it was simply not realistic, the obligations and rules were such.

An interesting situation was seen during the celebration, when they saw Novak through the glass, in the corridor of the "Rod Laver" arena, and then rushed in his direction.

Under the terrace, where the studio has one of the televisions with broadcasting rights, suddenly a crowd of people gathered again, who greeted Tsitsipas, volunteers who joked and went out on the balcony, but not Djokovic.

During that time, Novak patiently gave statements to the broadcasters, celebrated the victory with his loved ones, most likely did some more treatment with a physiotherapist, and then appeared at the press conference.

It took quite a while. As usual, first questions in English, and then in Serbian.

In the conversation with "his" people, he was more relaxed and open, traditionally, just as at the end a joint photo shoot with Serbian journalists was arranged.

We could be really proud of the fact that one of our tennis players came to the throne - once again.

Well, let's show up a little bit, as, for example, the Spaniards showed up at Roland Garros, when Nadal reached his 14th title last year.

Although this "making it important" is a euphemism in their case, since they also knew how to provoke, rejoice, "sting" after the quarter final in which Rafa overpowered Novak.

Who would have thought that a year later, after all the restrictions Djokovic had last season, he would have the same number of Grand Slam titles.

The GOAT race, which has been ongoing for a long time, could perhaps be resolved in Paris - if Djokovic dethrones the king of clay, on his own turf.

"Everywhere I appear, especially at the GS, because of the race with Nadal, the pressure is huge. You don't know who will go further. It's great for our sport that he and I are still capable of winning Grand Slams. We need to consider also the number one position, not only the Grand Slams. Not everyone can win the GS, but to be number one in the world in such a series is something that, in my opinion, is the most demanding. In that context, I'm glad to be back in the top position. "Since I broke the record for the longest number one, I'm still happy to be here. It's a big goal, but not as big as it used to be. I'm glad it came as a result of winning the Grand Slams," Djokovic said.

Maybe Novak is no longer 25 years old, but he has the motivation to continue doing what he knows best - pushing the boundaries and delighting the tennis world again.


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