Belgrade Main train station shut down - for good

All domestic and international trains on July 1 started using the Belgrade Center in Prokop as their departing and arriving station.

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The entrance to the Belgrade Main train station (Tanjug)
The entrance to the Belgrade Main train station (Tanjug)

The only exception are trains traveling on the Belgrade-Bar line, that are using the Topcider station.

The Belgrade Main train station, located in the central part of the Serbian capital, has thus been completely shut down after 134 years in service.

City officials said the building will now house a museum dedicated to the history of the Serbian state.

The railroad running along the Sava River and other related facilities will be dismantled, to make room for the Belgrade Waterfront project.

Several groups of citizens held protests over the weekend, criticizing the shutting down of the main rail station as detrimental to the city. An association gathering railway enthusiasts also staged a protest as a way of saying goodbye to the Belgrade Main.

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