Corridor X in Serbia "to be completed in early 2017"

Caretaker Minister of Transportation, Construction and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic says Corridor X will be completed at the beginning of next year.

Source: Tanjug
A Corridor X construction site in eastern Serbia (Tanjug, file)
A Corridor X construction site in eastern Serbia (Tanjug, file)

"Our citizens will be able to travel on the highway from the north to the south of our country in 2017," Tanjug quoted her as saying on Monday.

"Corridor XI is also important, and we will open for traffic a new section of about 35 kilometers, from Ljig to Preljina, in August. Next year, the citizens will travel to Cacak by highway," the minister told state broadcaster RTS.

She stressed that the agreed deadlines had to be respected and those construction companies that failed to meet contractual obligations would not be able to continue the work and get new jobs.

Speaking about a visit to Serbia by Chinese President Xi Jinping in June and a commercial contract to be signed for the construction of the Belgrade-Budapest railroad, Mihajlovic said we should expect to see workers working on certain parts of the railway before the end of the current year.

"In September, we are beginning the works on part of the railway funded from a Russian loan, as we have the both the money and the project prepared," said Mihajlovic, adding that the government had got the railway transportation sector moving, new trains were arriving, and works to overhaul the Belgrade-Nis railroad were to begin soon.

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