Humanitarian campaign “Food for Enclaves“ continues

The B92 Fund's humanitarian campaign “Food for Enclaves“, aimed at bringing food and other supplies to the enclaves in Kosovo, launched in February 2011, continues.


During this campaign, B92 Fund, with the help of numerous donors, secured most necessary food supplies needed for uninterrupted functioning of the soup kitchens, as well as raised funds for providing future functioning of soup kitchens in the enclaves of the Kosovsko Pomoravlje District.

The campaign “Food for Enclaves“ has gone one step further from its core campaign “Food for All”, that during 2010 helped the work of a dozen soup kitchens on the territory of Serbia, focusing primarily on the target group that lives in Kosovo enclaves in a very difficult conditions, given their practical isolation from both Kosovo’s and Serbian political systems, due to political, financial or logistical problems.

The minimal needs of the life-threatened population of 40.000 residents of Kosovo enclaves have been satisfied by the work of six soup kitchens which, under the patronage of Eparchy of Raška and Prizren, has been established by the NGO Majka devet Jugovica in the following locations: Novo Brdo, Prekovac, Recane, Vitina, Korminjane and Vrbovac. Majority beneficiaries of these soup kitchens are Serbs, along with Roma population, and small number of Albanians. B92 Fund, eager to assist the people who live and work in these extremely difficult conditions, had decided to invest funds and its reputation into rehabilitation of the soup kitchens project in Kosovsko Pomoravlje District by providing its safe functioning till the summer of 2012.

In the course of this campaign “Food for Enclaves”, B92 Fund has secured tons of flour, pastry, oil, milk products, sugar, stewed potatoes and other food supplies needed for preparing meals. Total of 200 tons of food was secured, along with money donations in the amount of RSD 3.000.000, necessary for financing the functioning of soup kitchens in Serbian enclaves of Kosovsko Pomoravlje District, which covered the costs of salaries for those who work in them, transportation fuel, power and inventory. Moreover, in June, 2011, B92 Fund had secured the purchase of refrigerator car worth EUR 5.300, as well as sprinkler device worth EUR 5.200, thus directing this campaign into encouraging its self-sustainability, which is one of the priorities for the time being.

Large number of donors participated in this campaign, among others: Victoria Group, Concern Farmakom M.B.-AD “Mlekara” Sabac, MK Group, Mitsides point, Polimark, Privredna komora Beograd, MV Sistem, Neimar V. Total quantity of donated food supplies and raised funds within this campaign amount to approximately EUR 435.000 of market value. Thanks to our intervention, Telekom Srbija has donated additional amount of RSD 500.000 for the purpose of purchasing a second-hand transportation vehicle for food distribution in remote locations in tough conditions.

Apart from the above mentioned, B92 Fund has exerted pressure on the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija to help functioning of soup kitchens, thus donating RSD 10.000.000, which secured its functioning till the summer of 2012. We have also commenced activities on opening up new soup kitchen in the municipality of Strpce, which will satisfy the needs of 500 beneficiaries.

The latest shipment donated by the company Victoria Group consists of the following: 70.000 kg of flour, 1.500 liters of oil and 2.980 kg of salt, which is the donation EUR 23.000 worth, along with additional transportation costs amount to EUR 26.000. Company Farmakom has donated food supplies in the amount of RSD 628.372.22 (consisting of: 1000 kg of beans, 500 kg of rice, 200 kg of fat, 1000 kg of canned peas, 1000 kg of canned green beans, 300 kg of canned stew, 500 tons of spaghetti, 1000 kg of onion, 4000 kg of flour), while Company Zlatiborac d.o.o. has donated foods in total value amounting to RSD 256.263,50, while B92 Fund has secured beans in the value amounting to RSD 1.250.000. The food quantity is such that it provides necessary food supplies for the six-month period for the soup kitchens in Kosovo territory.

However, the goal of the project “Food for Enclaves“ is not just a single donation, but establishment of the self-sustainable system through combining the development of food manufacturing, state assistance and collective social solidarity. During 2012, B92 Fund will focus its activities on helping soup kitchens in Kosovo enclaves to develop a specific model of social enterprises that would, apart from securing food for those in need, offer to the people living in Kosovsko Pomoravlje District a new life perspective, within the model of self-sustainable agricultural manufacture.

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