1. So the job of the media is maintain a political order? It's the news the inspires people and if the media isn't concerned about the news, then people will rely on rumor and personal experience to inform them about what is going on. And that is not going to contribute to any kind of peaceful stability at this point.

    Let the facts fall where they may and let the public confront them naturally and all will be well.
    (Paul, 12 February 2016 22:55)

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  2. Not exactly news - everyone knows Dacic is big mates with the Delije.
    (Andy UK, 12 February 2016 12:58)

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  3. "It is obvious that the hooligan groups, which under similar circumstances only a few years ago smashed Belgrade, are in a kind of coordination with the authorities or people close to the current government. If someone from the DS had signed the Brussels agreement, they would have probably been crucified on (central Belgrade square) Terazije as a traitor," he said.

    That's probably correct. Those things can only be done by a 'right' government without protest of the nationalists, just like strict social and economic reforms can only be done by a 'left' government without protest by the leftists.

    And the fact that Dacic and his mates are close to football hooligans and right-wing groups which partially belong to criminal cricles is nothing new, either.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 12 February 2016 11:34)

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  4. Serbia has been using and controling Media since Milosevic area. Resulting into tricking the country in years of war and fueling hatered until today.

    Hooligan groups have participated in all wars and commited the worst warcrimes since WWII under the direct order (and participation) of Serbian Military and Police Forces.

    It is interesting to see what kind of an impact those accusations will have, coming from a opposition party. Pajtic is actually only saying what the whole world, specially your neighbors, are saying since forever, jet your government keeps denying and lying.

    Based on the upcoming elections, I think Vojvodina is going to prepare to at least get back the rights and status of 1974, if not independency.
    (Gjon Marku, 12 February 2016 10:55)

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