1. Are the threats because of nationalism or criminalism?

    Pathetic cowards use threats.

    They try to undermine the free journalism that a proud Serbia deserves.

    We need the free debate that comes with free press.

    We don't need the cowards.
    (Bob, 25 August 2015 23:30)

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  2. It would also be news to hear about what motivated the hostility towards B92 so we could be equally outraged about why somebody would want to threaten B92.
    (Paul, 25 August 2015 22:52)

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  3. People really need to get a life instead of threatening journalists. There are a ton of journalists that I wouldn't mind getting hit by a bus, but threatening them is ridiculous.

    Get a life.
    (Captain Kosova, 25 August 2015 18:21)

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