1. Rote if you don't know what you're talking about sometimes its better not to say anything at all. You know Seselj only because he is standing up to the Hague tribunal. Well, Nuremberg wasn't fair either, but you would not catch me thinking Adolph was resisting globalism or conducting some heroic struggle...

    You are also wrong about G17, they are corrupt, their participation in government will make it worse. You will know they were Kostunica's former allies in his last government they occupied the economic / financial portfolios. Now why did the man you support Kostunica co-operate with an organisation you want banned? And by the way you are wrong about that as well - G17 (or URS as they call themselves today) are not an NGO, they are a political party.

    In case you hadn't noticed Serbia is in Europe, Serbs are Europeans. And what is crazy about commenting on the country I am a citizen of and live in?

    If you are serious about investing in Serbia, my advice to you is to get educated about the political situation. I mean that seriously, you can't hope to succeed without knowing who is who and what is what - just by going on guesswork, or what you remember from the late 90's. OTPOR is long gone, as you well know the game, as far as outsiders is concerned, about gaining benefit by excluding others to their markets - hmm thats not your game is it?

    My game by the way is the Serbian interest, if you haven't got that at heart then we will disagree.
    (bganon, 1 July 2012 19:50)

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  2. Bganon I don’t feel like long disputes today but anyway thank you for spending you time to explaining me how wrong I am all around ! I even won’t mind your suggestion that I may quite be an out of mind. In some degree all of us are. I must be too radical while you smell not even a DS but what is worse a G17. A new Russian law compels such organizations to register as foreign agents. So the gap between us is too big to cover it in just one jump. But I can even help you with arguments. Why should a foreigner with no visible problems drop the B92 twice a week and back one side of the conflict , the weak side sieged all around side with little chances for success ? If only he is a crazy. Also why should this foreigner contact a Serbian Headhunter agency to bring here personnel for his companies ? If only he is crazy

    Same with you coz after so many years of torture and misery you still believe in the fairy tales. Why should you ? Either you are crazy or an otpor foreign agent of influence. What would you choose ? Do you want to be a European or a Serb (if you are) ? Or do you still believe that for the time being you can be both ? Then which of us is blind ? You lost the battle after your own people said good bye to those whom you believed. I mentioned Seselj only because I’d like to add radicalism to the Serbian elites which are too comprador now. I don’t know this man but I know that he went to Hague himself and it’s been 8 years that they have nothing to accuse him in
    (rote, 1 July 2012 14:35)

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  3. Many people here criticize the American way of politics, it is based on a 2 party system but can be more. But the big difference is we do not vote party(some do strictly by party lines) but we vote for individuals, I can vote for a Republican in one office, a Democrat in another, and an Independent in a third. They have party affiliation but are not bound, they can vote with their party on one thing and against their party on another. They can even change parties while in office, which has happened.
    We do not have to have months of negotiations before a govt is formed. Now I will not pretend that politics in the US is perfect(very far from it).
    To me the situation in Serbia seems like total chaos, not to mention the fact you have the 3rd largest party that received its votes under the guise of working with one side and then after elected switched to the other so that their leaders could have more powerful positions. I do not see how the combo can effectively run the country as many feel betrayed, and the majority is marginal at best.
    (Just an American Observation, 1 July 2012 07:04)

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  4. Rote

    1 Surely you can see the difference between the party that is running the government with Dacic as Prime Minister and with SPS as a minor party in the government. I can tolerate Ivica Dacic SPS in the government, but not in charge.

    2 With respect if you think Seselj is good enough to run Serbia, you are either out of your mind or without a clue. Kostunica is a museum piece bookworm, he makes a number of good points on some issues, but he should retire from politics.

    3 Again I disagree, most people of the nationalist persuasion in Serbia actually thought Jeremic was doing a good job. I don't think that any foreigner can do a better job than a Serb in this job, because a foreigner will be representing his nation's interests, not Serbias.

    4 Didn't really understand, but if you are suggesting that hatred is a good thing, I disagree. Hatred is a bad thing, and worse still leads to bad policy decisions.

    5 Whatever happens in the EU will happen. I do know that SNS could have insisted on having the PM job, but they chose not to - either afraid of Dacic's blackmail or afraid that less would vote for them in a repeat election. I'm not at all convinced that SNS have their 'hearts' in this government and if it starts to fail, SNS might withdraw its support - provided they believe people will vote for them in equal or greater numbers than the last election.
    (bganon, 1 July 2012 01:33)

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    4/ The new status quo after Ivica linked SNS has made 30-40% of the Serbian citizens closer to the KM-Albanians. Nothing is uniting people like a joint hatred. So Ivica has made also a step to a national reconciliation of the KM-Albanians and the minority of the Serbs. In such cases the Russians like to say НЕТ ХУДА БЕЗ ДОБРА.

    5/ EU membership means 35 groups of rules a newcomer should suit and the terms are becoming severe annually. Thus if Serbia’s turn will come in a decade or two and if EU will still exist by that time Serbs will have to think it twice if the carrot is worth of the price asked. After 15 years of the national tragedy I don’t think Serbs can afford another 10-20 years of torture and demonization. So Ivica’s choice for Toma automatically meant the choice for Russia as well. And in the circumstances it was the best choice Serbia could make ! Congratulations !

    PS As for me I still dislike and mistrust the future PM but who cares what I think or feel …
    (rote, 30 June 2012 21:45)

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  6. I personally dislike Ivica but after being a Brussels’ SOB and turning into that of ours I have to say a couple of words in his defense :

    1/ He is not a newcomer and all of you had swallowed it when he had joined the traitors’ camp few years ago. So why don’t you shut up once more ?

    2/ 15% of those who felt responsibility for Serbia and went voting supported this man whom as I have never admired. So when it came out that the Pro-Serbian coalition and the Pro-Solana one have antagonisms Ivica has received the golden share to decide things. I would prefer it to be a coalition of the two Voislavs and Toma. But one is outside the coalition while the other is outside Serbia. So why don’t us all take the reality as it is ?

    3/ For several years Serbia had neither a President of it’s own nor a PM nor a FM ect. Instead it had many Ambassadors of the EUNATists here. Lavrov was more of the FM of Serbia than the ongoing one ect. So I don’t think anything can be worse for Serbia than the OTPOR guys be it the dead or the alive. It was an otpor to Serbia but not to it’s rivals. Why don’t us give a chance to the ones who enjoy the support of the Serbs ? We all know that if only the ethnical Serbians’ votes we counted the majority would be even more persuasive.
    (rote, 30 June 2012 21:43)

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  7. Identity of marionets - not important.
    Behind them - Sultan Vladimir ruling subject oblast of Serbia.
    No need to listen to Serbian politicians, return to Dhimmi status with new Russian Pasha.
    (Adem, 30 June 2012 21:32)

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  8. I believe that Mr. Dacic and Dinkic have much about which to talk. In particular, the economy, which has serious problems. Dinkic has to lead foreign investment in Serbia.
    (Milos, 30 June 2012 21:31)

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  9. Ecoman the only thing I'd say to contradict you is to say that don't be so sure that this government will last 4 years.

    SNS has decided it wants the comfortable role of being in government and yet not being in charge. They will do what SPS did, increasingly act as a free agent like an 'opposition' whenever things get bad. That way support for SNS won't go down much and if it stays at the current level, they could bring the government down.

    I don't know whether its a feeling of doom I have about this government or whether its a feeling that this government is doomed from the start...

    wait and see, indeed, although knowing Dacic's political instincts I'm expecting some token climbdown on the Cabinet to make it look as if Dacic isn't running everything.
    (bganon, 30 June 2012 19:36)

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  10. and two of them will quickly agree on everything
    (harvey, 30 June 2012 19:28)

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  11. The worst part of this new ruling coalition, Nikolic, Dacic, Dinkic, etc., is the we are going to see these adorable faces everyday in the press. It will be a long hot summer, and an even longer 4 years.
    (Ecoman, 30 June 2012 17:26)

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  12. Or more precisely she means that Dacic should take over the PM job, Minister of Interior, Foreign Minister, Minister of Health etc etc etc
    (bganon, 30 June 2012 15:51)
    I don't think you realize just how right you are. I think you will find that most ministries in the new govt will be for show. Dacic will control everything.
    (wait and see, 30 June 2012 16:55)

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