Battle of Čegar Hill commemorated

ČEGAR -- PM Mirko Cvetković says that Serbia is dedicated to living in peace, cooperation and friendly relations with neighboring and other nations and states.

Source: Beta
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  1. Jovan

    I don't get this logic either. Firstly its contradictory and secondly it doesn't explain anything.
    At least we have our history, we know where we are from and we know where we are going.

    Vecnaja Pamjat Vojvoda Sindjelicu.
    (Milan, 3 June 2009 10:48)
  2. Jovan. You know well that Albanians in Kosovo destroyed those churches as a sign of hate towards serbians not because they hate christianity. Why no churches are destroyed in Albania? Yah, there are some extremist in all cultures and the people who did destroyed those churches are nothing more then extremists.
    (uli, 3 June 2009 04:08)
  3. "Am glad that for albanians religion means nothing and religion of albanians is albanism."

    If religion doesn´t mean anything for Albanians, how poor are they, actually?

    it would explain of course, whey they are vandalizing serbian cemeteries, churches and monasteries, ...

    but what kind of culture is that?

    uli, you don´t know what you have just written about your very own people...

    by the way: what is "Albanism"?

    what is it, actually, that you are so proud of???

    if I were an Albanian I´d be rather quiet, since siding with the Nazis in WW II, or with the Ottomans during the ottoman times is not really something to be proud of...

    very sad for the Albanians if that should be the case...
    (Jovan, 3 June 2009 00:48)
  4. Milan. We fought the Turkish harder then anyone else and we resisted more then anyone else to the point that we gave up. You know that for albanians islam means nothing, its just a name we have gotten to use to gain priviledges from turks.. At one point in ottoman empire in Albanian if you were not muslym you would not have a lot of basic rights, therefore they had to change religion by force. Am glad that for albanians religion means nothing and religion of albanians is albanism.Quite frankly honestly even that am orthodox most of albanians are atheist.
    (uli, 2 June 2009 17:41)
  5. It never ceases to amaze me how the Albanians try to remind us of how they fought the Turks and how much we have in common. I really can't get over it. Considering that you mostly converted to Islam to receive Turkish patronage how an earth did you fight the Turks like the Serbs did. I mean poor Skanderbeg would be rolling in his grave at what you have become. He spent his life fighting Turks and then you all convert and spend the next several centuries destroying Serbian land. Isn't this a little contradictory? Its like Islamized slavs revering Czar Lazar. Does anyone see how odd this is?
    (milan, 2 June 2009 13:47)
  6. I´ve never heard about those "objective" non-serbian historians.

    so, why don´t you tell us these socalled "objective" sources?
    (Jovan, 2 June 2009 02:20)
  7. According to some more objective, and non-Serbian historians, the explosion killed all the Serbian army and very few Turks.
    (Svabo, 1 June 2009 12:37)
  8. "The explosion that was triggered in this way killed all Serb soldiers, some 3,000 of them, and about 6,000 Turks"
    What a bunk. Does anyone seriosly believe that nine thousand soldiers can be killed just like that?
    Not even if Sindjelic had used some Weapon of Mass Destruction.
    (Peter RV, 1 June 2009 01:44)
  9. My bad, Comment #2 was written by Michael.
    (Michael, 31 May 2009 20:22)
  10. Nice underhanded comment, "Serbs took advantage of your weakness."

    In a sophmoric attempt to find common ground, you did nothing more than cement our differences. Perhaps you want to cry me a river and tell us all how you also suffered under the hands of the Nazi's? Ooops, you were Nazi henchmen so that doesn't work out.

    Serbians didn't have to take advantage of your temporary weakness, that disadvantage remains even to this very day.
    (uli, 31 May 2009 17:35)
  11. One thing that serbs and albanians have in common is, we fought together turks at one time, we lived together under ottoman empire in one time, we got out of empire with more lost territories and serbs took advantage of our weakness at that time. We both should consider Turkish Empire an evil empire that has done a lot of damage to our nations. Let’s agree at least on this one.
    (uli, 31 May 2009 16:17)