1. ZK UK,

    your right the crucial quote;

    “Only an idiot would pretend to be blind and pay for something that will never be returned."

    - it is now clear that Dinkic is out of step from the governement line that he himself signed up for. Lets be very clear Serbia wishes to be part of the EU but as a WHOLE - Kosovo & Metohija and thus Serbia's sovereignity and territoial integrity will not be bartered for EU admission!

    Tadic & Jeremic have also been clear on this point they too wish to progress towards the EU but not at such cost. Kostunica has repeated that EU admission is pefrered but not at the loss of Serbian sovereignity. Dinkic - EU and we will give up anything they demand - if the EU say jump we must jump, if they say amputate your arm then we will all amputate our arms !!!

    Dinkic must be reminded of the words by Jeremic - One nation, indivisible - that is the government line tat Dinkic has signed upto and he should get on with it!
    (Princip, UK, 1 March 2008 08:25)
  2. The nationalists in this govt. are acting like old schoolyard bullies..

    If the people, who voted for and still support Dinkic/Kandic/Tadic and their vision for Serbia, do not stand up and show the nationalists, and the world, that they are a substantial group to be reckoned with, then
    I'm afraid Dinkic and his political supporters will be forced into agreeing with these nationalist bullies or they will quit the govt..or they might just emigrate. These nationalists in Serbia need to be shown what the big risks include when moving towards a final showdown with the west over something Serbia never quite owned or controlled or ruled. Even the polls show that a majority of Serbs never visited, never mind, choose to live in Kosova.

    Well, I'm just a voice in the wilderness and I hope the majority of Serbian people will finally reach into their souls and find their source of courage to demand from their political leaders to respond to their needs TOO. Their demands and future need more responsive action than Kosovo. They need to let the nationalist leaders know that they will not risk their pocketbook, health, eco. livelihoods, and future for kosovo. Because, it is not Kosova that is tested right now, but Serbia's actions. Because, what your leaders choose to act on today, will resonate centuries into the Serbian people's future.
    (voiceinwilderness, 1 March 2008 06:46)
  3. I am glad to see that some politicians in Serbia still have reason, and guts to stand-up against this sickening wave of neo-nationalism, which had cost Serbia so much already in the past. Bravo, Mr Dinkic!
    (colensky, 29 February 2008 22:04)
  4. No doubt that today the Serbs need unity more than the years before. They need pragmatic governmet to use the opening opportunities for closer economical cooperation with Russia.

    The Serbs may now gain a lot of merits and advantages from Russia. If your goods are needed in the EU they will for sure be demanded in Russia too. Products from Yugoslavia always had good reputation in the USSR. Now we assosiate Yugoslavia only with Serbia. So this trend would not only give an impulse for the Serbian economy but will stimulate the EU to offer you more acceptable terms of European integration.

    I think Mr.Kostunica is on the right way but with no unity inside the coalition he can do no decisive steps. Moreover despite the tactical support for Mr.Tadic at the last Presidentials Russia can trust Nicolic and Kostunica much more in joint steps plannings.
    (ДРУГ, 29 February 2008 18:09)
  5. It's quite obvious which side of the fence Dinkić lives.

    With comments like “Only an idiot would pretend to be blind and pay for something that will never be returned.", he reveals his true face!

    Something needs to be taken away before it can be returned and so far Kosovo is still firmly Serbian.

    Yes, the US is attempting to take it away with the help of people like Dinkić.

    If the government stops paying the debt, that can be interpreted to admit that Kosovo is no longer Serbian. This can only help build up the legal case of the US and partners in crime.

    The sooner this case is taken to the world court the better I think!
    (ZK UK, 29 February 2008 17:35)
  6. wow - 2 sensible Serbian politicians in as many days. yesterday was that lady whose name has escaped me and today mr dinkich.

    i am starting to be slightly impressed.

    god bless ...
    (Sirius Black, 29 February 2008 17:20)
  7. Serbian government is the amalgame of blind nationalist and europian-open-minded specialst. I don't see any sign of prosperity.
    (Amico, 29 February 2008 16:57)
  8. "Only an idiot would pretend to be blind and pay for something that will never be returned".
    Well, at least even Serbian ministers are starting to talk straight to their people as everybody now seem to realize that Kosova is gone forever. This I think is the right think to do.Face the reality, look forward and not behind.
    (Alf, 29 February 2008 16:55)
  9. Dinkic said:

    “A minister from the DSS asked what people from the government were doing in the Czech embassy. Can you imagine?”

    Is it a secret, Mr. Dinkic? Do we have a right to know what a member of government is doing in embassy of the country that take an illegal action toward your country?
    (Zbyszek, 29 February 2008 15:01)
  10. The voice of common sense. Let G17 help bring an end to the self-harming economics and irrational demagoguery favoured by the extremists and their camp followers in the dysfunctional coalition.
    (Stuart, 29 February 2008 14:24)