1. peggy: "Please no more double standards." the point is, that there are no standards in bosnia!

    (in a country with too many "public secrets"...,
    normal countries have one pm, but bosnia has to many,
    and if one pm has drug problems, a second has too tight relations to organized crime, and about the third one better doesn't talk about, ...
    what should people expect from such politicians?)
    (pm8q, 29 November 2007 12:04)
  2. dear Peggy, I'm from Bosnia and i still cannot explain why the people could no live together in Yugoslavia!!!
    (miro, 29 November 2007 09:49)
  3. Nermin, The reason why you can't live together in Bosnia is the same reason why you couldn't live together in Yugoslavia.

    Do you see that reason now?

    You were quite happy to accept the break up of Yugoslavia and have a Muslim rule in Bosnia and you expect the Serbs to be happy about that too.

    Please no more double standards.
    (Peggy, 29 November 2007 00:12)
  4. There has to be peace. People have to understand that we lived together before in Yugoslavia, why cant people live together now in Bosnia. Even if RS separates from Bosnia, they will not be able to sustain as a country. People have to look at economical situation. The only way both entities are going to move forward is work together, everything else is crazy.
    (Nermin, 28 November 2007 20:11)
  5. Mr. Lajcak: if people are willing to die for a sovereign piece of land (RS), do you genuinely believe they will take your offer to ditch it for the benefits of signing some sort of commercial and trade treaty (SAA stc.)?
    For you this is just yet another, well-paid international gig. For you pushing your agenda is a matter of reaching the career objectives and enhancing your CV.
    For RS is the matter of life or death.
    See my point? It may help you ease your current confusion on "no having idea how some leaders in the country do not realize that their action narrows the road towards European integrations.”
    (Gunar Knob, 28 November 2007 18:03)