1. So Stadler is interested in new projects in Serbia plus opening a transformer factory there. Hey, what about Kosova or Croatia? Did they forget that these places exist? Surely since the Swiss recognised Kosova they should do something to lessen the level of unemployment or maybe they forgot it's there LOL.
    Now what happen to rich Croatia? why do they not invest there? Surely since Croats was the financial backbone of Yugoslavia the Swiss would gladly invest there. You see BS always rise to the surface, normally it rises quickly but sometimes it take a while but it always surfaces.
    As I have said many times before there is only ONE country in that region that is financially viable that has the capacity to be independent and that is Serbia. The rest have to grovel for EU funds.
    For those that would quickly say Serbia get most of its aid from the EU, I reply that why look a gift horse in the mouth if the Brussels idiots want to give Serbia money, let them. But you see these are the reparations for being bombed plus Brussels is shit scared that Belgrade will look towards China and Russia, as if that has not already happened LOL.
    (sj, 22 June 2021 01:43)

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