Biden put forward request to Putin

WASHINGTON DC -- US President Joe Biden called on his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to release opposition leader Alexei Navalny, White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said

Source: Tanjug
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  1. Secondly, don’t attempt to compare Navalny with Trump’s Storm Troopers!
    (Rino, 1 February 2021 20:53)

    This is correct, but where I just don't know what to say is Navalny's phone call.

    1) FSB is stupid to a degree I can't comprehend because normally, you can't call anyone in such organization and pretend to be his colleague. There are passwords to exchange and security protocol to follow.

    If what Navalny claims is true, than it means the FSB is a waste of money, does not follow the security protocol and what happened should be a ground for a dishonorable discharge.

    2) Navalny is stupid to a degree I can't comprehend, because he should suspect, the entire thing could be set up. Neither Russian FSB, nor the German Bundesnachrichtendienst ("BND") is a Salvation Army branch.

    3) Did it happen at all?

    No one can answer these questions and it became a political farce.
    Personally, if I am Putin, I would certainly not arrest Navalny. That was a major mistake. Instead, I would mail-order for him the most expensive set of designer underpants and instruct FSB or customs agents to present it as a personal gift when he re-enters Russia.

    That would pretty much make a joke of the entire thing and close the topic for good.
    (Ataman, 2 February 2021 17:37)

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  2. (Rino, 1 February 2021 20:53)

    Who is disputing Biden asking Putin to release Navalny ? I didn’t.
    The Kremlin dubs some protesters hooligans & provocateurs. So, what did Biden and Pelosi call Trumps storm troopers again? Ah yes domestic terrorist.
    See the similarity??? Now if Biden asked Putin to release Navalny surely its not too much trouble for Putin to ask for the release of the storm troopers???
    However, you never answered about the yellow vests? Were they democratically beaten by French police whereas the Russians do it dictatorially???
    The Russians have caught a close adviser to Navalny Vladimir Ashurkov asking James William Thomas Ford, a former Second Secretary for political affairs of the UK embassy in Russia for money for the cause. Ford is now MI6.
    Ashurkov said “If we had more money, we would expand our team, of course,”….obtaining “a little money” like “10, 20 million dollars a year” would make a huge difference. “ Ashurkov said the money would be used for mass protests, civil initiatives, propaganda….
    It’s all on film and the bonus is the discussion was held in a Moscow restaurant and its in English LOL.
    (sj, 2 February 2021 14:11)

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  3. @ (sj, 30 January 2021. 04:33)

    First, to be clear, Biden did urge Putin to release Novalny from prison, no “if’s”, “but’s” about it.
    Secondly, don’t attempt to compare Navalny with Trump’s Storm Troopers!
    (Rino, 1 February 2021 20:53)

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  4. (Rino, 31 January 2021 18:03)
    I don’t work for Putin and it shows how badly indoctrinated you are to think such a thing. Then again, I could say that your post indicates you work for Biden, but I know better since its your opinion, that’s all.
    I don’t like Trump and think Biden is mad, but I fully understand why Capitol Hill occurred. It had nothing to do with the Russians or Chinese. It had everything to do how the US, rightly or wrongly, turned into a festering pit of corruption where the 0.1% are stealing everything in sight while leaving a huge debt for the masses.
    So on the one hand Biden was right to raise Navalny who was demonstrating on corruption issues, but the “Trump’s storm troopers”, who were fed up with the swamp, are somehow morally flawed.
    Since the 6 January is such a sensitive issue let’s turn to the yellow vests in France; they continue to demonstrate and the police brutality against those people makes the Russian activity look tame in comparison. Yet nothing is mentioned in the west; nothing at all.
    Love to hear your moral views on that one.
    (sj, 1 February 2021 05:50)

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  5. Sj:
    Your attempt at comparison of Navalny with Trump’s storm troopers that disrupted the Capital building in D.C. on Jan.6th is indicative of your dependence on employment at Putin’s Troll farm. I understand the need to feed your family, however, that, unfortunately, disqualifies you from debating the issue since your morals have been compromised beyond repair.
    (Rino, 31 January 2021 18:03)

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  6. If, and I say if, Biden requested Putin to release Alexei Navalny then I would guess that Putin intern would have requested that Biden release all the "domestic terrorists" that broke into Capital Hill.
    I think that's fair.
    (sj, 30 January 2021 04:33)

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