Still no travel to EU

BELGRADE -- Serbia is still under restrictions for traveling to EU countries due to the coronavirus, the Tanjug agency reported

Source: B92, Tanjug
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  1. Ataman,
    Even with all documents in order, as you suggested, Serbs are denied entry to EU. We should know when we are not welcome. Must we grovel and be humiliated.
    (Melina K., 2 October 2020 17:57)

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  2. Everyone is under restrictions. In the theory, Hungarians are allowed to travel to only 14 countries in Europe and Americans to none of the Schengen.

    In the praxis, as I figured it out, the traveler is restricted by the border police only and the most important is the impression. Have documents from your employer or small business, all car paperwork clean, a COVID test no older than five days or a statement that you are past a COVID infection.

    What is absolutely a no-go is mass tourism. Enjoy the empty Hermitage or Louvre!
    (Ataman, 30 September 2020 14:30)

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