1. The country with most luxury and now empty stadiums is Hungary.
    These stadiums have housing and sport-medical facilities the residents of Monaco can't even dream about.

    Now everything is going to be empty for many months, wonder, if not until end of 2020.

    Serbia and BiH have disorganized wild hordes of very primitive people who do not want to follow the curfew, cannot communicate in Serbo-Croatian, many can't even read, write, use toilets. Sanitizing hands, keep up with authorities, stay at home? They don't have even a shelter suitable for sleep overnight.

    The "Corona" does not look at the color of passport, they will be a great source of the secondary spread of disease. We will finish and the "bug" will be dead for good in few weeks, except the so-called "migrants".

    Than the second wave will start because it is possible to get the "bug" multiple times.

    Let Orbán's "dream" of new golden era of Hungarian soccer become useful. He stole most of that money from EU, let EU make him pay back a little bit.

    Nota bene: in Hungary the "Crowned" people stay under horrible conditions in prison-like facilities. It's not France, not Serbia, not even Russia. The same time the stadiums are empty, with all 21st century equipment.

    What a great way to demonstrate, that the public health and safety is Orbán's priority #1.
    (Ataman, 18 March 2020 16:33)

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