"Friendship of Trump's US is far from essential for Albania"

"I recognize the reluctance of the EU to admit another member (contiguous with Greece) that could wind up as a financial burden on the Union. But for EU members to view Albania from that perspective is to miss a critical difference. The Albanian people, from my experience, have a work ethic and will to succeed utterly unlike anything that might be found in Greece or indeed in most other current EU member nations," says David A. Andelman, Editor Emeritus of New York- based World Policy Journal where he served for seven years as editor and publisher of the 35-year-old global affairs magazine published by the World Policy Institute.

Genc Mlloja Source: Albanian Daily News
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  1. BS. This is a useless article. We need articles where albos are potrayed as tribal animals who want nothing else, but to steal Serbian lands... not Greek or Macedonian, or Italian, or German.. Just Serbian lands. Please show albos loosing sleep over Serbia. We all know that Shqiperia e Madhe means Beograd will speak allbanski.
    (Po rdha ci a, 5 August 2017 04:44)

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