EP rapporteur: Kosovo will not be partitioned

BRUSSELS -- European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur Jelko Kacin has said that the change of borders and partition of Kosovo are “out of the question”.

Jelko Kacin (Tanjug, file)
Jelko Kacin (Tanjug, file)

He noted that this would be “unsustainable”.

Kacin stressed that a sustainable and permanent solution needed to be found.

“Belgrade knows very well, it was not informed only by the European Commission (EC) but by certain member states, that the change of borders and partition of Kosovo are out of the question. Not even in the case of the exchange of territory, which the Serbian prime minister often mentions. This is unsustainable and Belgrade and Priština are looking for and they deserve a sustainable and permanent solution,” he told Deutsche Welle.

Commenting on Belgrade’s reaction to the mentioning of “Kosovo’s territorial integrity” in an EC document, Kacin said that he did not see “a special reason for such emotional reactions of Belgrade”.

The EP rapporteur noted that there had not been any real political dialogue between Belgrade and Priština for the past 30 years. He believes that representatives of the two governments should meet and that presence of EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Affairs and Security Policy will improve the atmosphere-

“Whichever chapter Serbia opens, Kosovo comes out. For example, the energy chapter, energy basins, transfer network, payment, all that is connected with Kosovo,” Kacin said.

He believes that it would be easier to solve the challenges and adjust the economic and state structure, the Constitution of Serbia with the EU if it is known in advance that such concrete questions need to be answered.

“At the same time, it will be far easier to solve it if we have a sustainable solution,” the rapporteur pointed out.