Tadić: Lack of agreement on EU toppled government

BELGRADE -- Boris Tadić said that the government fell "because there was no agreement regarding further EU integration".

Serbian President Boris Tadić (FoNet)
Serbian President Boris Tadić (FoNet)

The president told B92 that the resolution proposed by the Serb Radical Party (SRS) which was supported by the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and New Serbia (NS) is another major factor behind the collapse of the government.

He said that the government would submit a proposal for dissolving the parliament today and that he would also make a decision regarding the announcement of early elections.

Tadić added the intention is to hold the parliamentary elections on the same day as the local and provincial vote – May 11.

In his words, he "still supports the preservation of Kosovo and the entrance of Serbia into the European Union", adding that European integration can only help in the fight for preserving Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

He rejected the possibility of his Democratic Party (DS) forming an election coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), or the DSS and NS.

“I will not be on the election list with those who are indecisive,” Tadić said, explaining that those parties were "indecisive in the recent presidential elections, in which Serbia’s citizens were deciding on the country’s future course".

He did say that a coalition is possible with G17 plus, Rasim Ljajić’s Sandžak Democratic Party (SDP) and "some other parties".

“The policy of DS are very clear. We received the support of the citizens in the presidential elections and I am obligated to implement that. This policy isfor Kosovo and the EU. Everyone who is ready to implement this is welcome to change,” Tadić said.

He expressed belief that that the parliamentary elections will be "like the second half of the presidential elections."