Witness in ex-KLA trial fears for safety, won’t testify

BELGRADE -- A potential witness of the prosecution in ex-Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander Fatmir Limaj has said that he does not want to testify for safety reasons.

Fatmir Limaj (Beta, file)
Fatmir Limaj (Beta, file)

The witness informed the deputy prosecutor on Thursday, after learning of protected witness Agim Zogaj’s death, that he did not want to testify in the Klečka case for safety reasons.

“The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution believes that justice in the region is jeopardized by Agim Zogaj’s death and expresses concern over the information that Zogaj, a protected witness in the EULEX Prosecution’s case against Fatmir Limaj, was found dead in a park in Duisburg, Germany,” it was announced on Thursday.

The Serbian prosecution stressed that its 2008 investigation against Limaj and 28 more KLA members had greatly contributed to EULEX Prosecution’s case.

Aside from Limaj, the EULEX indictment charges nine more persons with war crimes against Serb and Albanian civilians in the village of Klečka in 1999.