Hungarian Nazi sues Nazi hunter

BUDAPEST -- The Budapest District Court has aquitted Efraim Zuroff in a case brought against him by Sandor Kepiro.

The WW2 Hungarian war criminal sued Zuroff, alleging that the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center had caused damage to his "reputation and honor".

Kepiro, now in his 90s, has lived in Budapest since 1996 but did not appeared in court, so the judge rejected the charges filed against Zuroff after a debate that lasted for only several minutes.

Zuroff, known as "the last Nazi hunter”, believes that Kepiro participated in the infamous raid in Novi Sad and the villages in the Šajkaška region in northern Serbia in January 1942, when a total of 4,000 innocent people, mainly Jews, Serbs and Roma, were killed by occupying Hungarian fascists.

Kepiro was an officer in the Hungarian army at the time. He was convicted for crimes twice, first to 10 and then to 14 years in prison, but evaded his sentence by escaping to Argentina.

Zuroff discovered and exposed Kepiro in Budapest four years ago by providing the competent Hungarian authorities with evidence against him.

In 2008, Serbian War Crimes Prosecution filed a request to Hungarian authorities to conduct an investigation against the former Hungarian officer, but this did not have any results.

Now, instead of finding himself in the dock, Kepiro sued Zuroff because the Nazi hunter referred to him in the Hungarian media a “moral monster”, guilty of deaths of thousands of people thrown into the Danube River.