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Media: Twist in Primary School "Jovan Dučić; The teacher faked the attack of the student's mother?

Student's mother, dissatisfied with the grade, physically assaulted the biology teacher at the "Jovan Dučić" school in New Belgrade yesterday, and the media reports another possible scenario.


Media: Twist in Primary School "Jovan Dučić; The teacher faked the attack of the student's mother?


Terrible truth emerged about yesterday's incident at the "Jovan Dučić" school in New Belgrade, where the biology teacher S.K. reported A.R. (32), the mother of one of the pupils, that she had brutally attacked and seriously injured her.

Details have now emerged from the investigation, so the teacher cannot be labeled a victim, reports The teacher carefully prepared a revenge plan for months, which culminated in an incident after the conclusion of the evaluation, this media reports.

"S.K. has been terrorizing and harassing A.R.'s son for a long time. She uses sophisticated methods and tries to humiliate the boy as much as possible in front of the whole class," says the interviewee of the 24sedam portal from "Jovan Dučić".

As part of the torture, she did not even allow the child to go to the toilet, although she was well informed that he had bladder problems.

"She didn't allow him to go to the toilet, and the child begged her. She just rudely refused and returned him to the bench. That's why the unfortunate child peed in his pants in the middle of her lesson. In front of the whole class! Of course, that left consequences for the boy", the source describes in detail.

Having nowhere to go, A.R.'s mother reported the teacher to the school psychologist precisely because of this. Then a new round of hell begins for the elementary school student.

"The biologist was only thinking about how to take revenge on A.R. Her goal was to lure the boy's mother into a trap so that the report to the psychologist would fall into oblivion. That's why she gave the boy D because she wanted A.R. to personally come to the biology office," they emphasize. So that exactly happened. The boy had grades written in his diary for biology: D, C, C and B. But Sabrina scored D for him for final mark! The mother, because of the crying child, who normally has all A's in other subjects, comes to school again. The biologist was waiting for that. "Aaaah! You're finally here," she laughed bitterly when she saw A.R. at the classroom door. Asked by the mother why the child was given a D, because he also has higher grades in her subject, Sabrina brazenly answered: "My subjective feeling about the child's knowledge is that he deserves D."

The truth is that there was no physical attack, just as there are no serious physical injuries. The boy's mother refrained from such answers and ridicule. There were no punches, hair pulling, head banging...

The investigation, more precisely the police patrol from New Belgrade, established that there was only mutual pushing. There was no drama depicted in the media. But the vigilante under the guise of a teacher continued the hellish plan. She immediately grabbed the phone and called the police, writes

"Two policemen came and determined that there was no reason to detain the mother, nor that S.K. needed medical help and possible treatment. It was signed by all the actors of the incident in the classroom," recounted the eyewitnesses of the "drama" in the elementary school.

After an hour, however, the school policeman came to "Jovan Dučić". Passing by his colleagues who have already completed the report, he persuades the teacher to go to the Zemun hospital, but even there the doctors did not diagnose her injuries.

When the biologist's plan definitely failed, she staged the injuries, bought the collar herself at the pharmacy and took photos of herself in order to stir up the media with her one-sided story, so that the boy's mother would be taken into custody, and she turned out to be a victim, writes


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