New UN report released: Evidence suggests...

Global air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions correlate with COVID-19 worldwide mortality rate, according to the UN report.

Source: Tanjug

A report on the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic on the world's largest cities was published today. There is evidence that global air pollution and greenhouse emissions correlate with the worldwide fatality rate caused by the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus, the United Nations said in a report published on Tuesday.

"Air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions have fallen sharply," according to the UN report on COVID-19 pandemic impact in regard to major cities across the globe. "Evidence suggests poor air quality is correlated with higher COVID-19 mortality rates", Russian News Agency TASS reports.

"But environmental gains could be temporary if cities reopen without policies to prevent air pollution and promote de-carbonization," the report warns.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was quoted as saying by the report: "We must pursue a green, resilient and inclusive economic recovery", TASS reports.

"Many cities have created new bike lanes and pedestrian zones, reclaiming public spaces and improving mobility, safety and air quality," the UN chief added.

"By focusing on high ecological transformation and job creation, stimulus packages can steer growth towards a low-carbon, resilient pathway and advance the Sustainable Development Goals," Guterres concluded.


It's 2022...

A coronavirus pandemic could shape the world in the same way that World War II and the Great Depression did, the New York Times writes.

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