"Scumbag traitor" - Putin breaks silence on Skripal

Russian President Vladimir Putin described Sergei Skripal on Wednesday as "just a spy, traitor, and scumbag."

Source: B92

The Russian double agent was poisoned in March in the English town of Salisbury, along with his daughter. They were found unconscious next to a park bench. After carrying out tests, it was found that they were poisoned by a nerve agent known as "Novichok" which the UK claims, is produced only in Russia.

Putin's comments today represent the first time he has directly said anything about Skripal, a case that has led to a severe deterioration of relations between Russia and the UK, leading to the two countries expel diplomats.

At today's press conference, Putin said that Skripal is mentioned in some media as "a human rights activist."

"He's just a spy. A traitor of his land. There is such a thing - to be a traitor to your country. He's that," Putin said during an international energy forum held in Moscow.

"Imagine that in your country there is a person who betrayed it. How would you treat them? He's a scumbag, that's all," Putin said, adding that Skripal was collaborating with foreign secret services after he was dismissed from a Russian secret service.


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