US faced threat from Yugoslavia, says CIA director/VIDEO

CIA Director Mike Pompeo has said that US history books reflect America's actions taken "against the threat from Yugoslavia."

Source: B92
(screen capture)
(screen capture)

Speaking at a panel organized by the American Enterprise Institute, this official, often publicly presented as a person of US President Donald Trump's "utmost trust," mentioned the former state as an example of "threats coming from nation states."

"Your history books would have all reflected threats from countries - what was America doing against the threat from Yugoslavia, or some other nation state," Pompeo said, addressing the audience, and continued:

"Today the threats are much more varied than that - whether it's threats from groups like Hezbollah or Al Qaeda, threats to our information systems from groups like WikiLeaks."

The CIA director added that these "groups and organizations" do not have a flag at the UN, "and present real threats."


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