"The worst ever": the dramatic situation in Batajnica Covid hospital

This is a turning point for the health system to survive

Source: B92

After meeting the state secretaries of the Ministry of Health, the management of the Covid hospital in Batajnica informed that the situation is worse than ever.

"This is a turning point for the health system to survive. We are fighting and giving our best, but we are both physically and mentally exhausted," the media was told.

The director of the Covid hospital in Batajnica, Ms. Tatjana Adzic Vukicevic, stated today that the capacities of the hospital have been filled with 915 patients currently being treated.

"We are trying to find more beds, I am afraid of every single phone call, where my colleagues desperately request us to receive another patient," said Dr. Adzic Vukicevic.

According to her, 12 semi-intensive care units and another four intensive care units have been opened over the last three weeks.

"There are currently 109 patients in the intensive care units and 90 percent of them have been intubated. Actual clinical pictures are much more drastic, and what worries, even more, is that the patients are dominantly young people. The youngest patient is thirty-two years old and we are fighting for her life "

She invited all citizens to respond to the mass vaccination, "because only vaccination can save us from this terrible and difficult situation".

It was also pointed out that the situation is extremely serious and difficult in all Covid hospitals, not only in Batajnica. Until yesterday, 7,800 people were hospitalized, and every day the number of admissions is higher than discharges for at least 150 to 180 patients.

The reports say that 808 patients throughout Serbia were hospitalized, and 640 were discharged, in the previous 24 hours.

"Healthcare workers are exhausted, they work day and night, we never thought that this hospital would reach its maximum," the management of the Covid hospital in Batajnica reported.

"We have to do our best and get everybody vaccinated, or we will get busted"

The management appeals to all citizens to get vaccinated explaining that vaccination is the only way to get out of this and that "we will get busted if we do not commit ourselves to vaccination to the maximum extent possible".

"Go and get vaccinated, please. The state has provided you with a choice. Take care of yourself and your beloved ones. After you get vaccinated, do wear masks and do not fall for invitations to various gatherings, because that endangers your and other people's health," it was emphasized.

The hospital management thanked all their colleagues who came from all over Serbia to help.

Since December 25, more than two and a half-million doses of vaccines have been administered, and 1,005,909 citizens have been revaccinated with a second dose.

"Our mobile teams are sent to the farthest places to motivate people and vaccinate them," the management concluded.


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