"Up to 600 migrants" passing through southern town each day

Between 400 and 600 refugees from the Middle East and Africa pass through the southern Serbian town of Presevo every day.

Source: Beta

More photos from Presevo

At least half of those turn to the local Red Cross for assistance regarding food or accommodation, municipal Red Cross secretary Ahmet Halimi told the Beta news agency on Monday.

He explained that all migrants who come to the Red Cross office are, for the time being, put in two tents located between the police station and the city stadium, but that the tents should be moved to the Tobacco Industry grounds on Tuesday.

The factory's facilities will be turned into an immigrant reception center - a project the Serbian government is implementing with the support of the UNHCR.

Halimi added that the local Red Cross provides, on a daily basis, food, water, and hygiene products to the migrants.

A big wave of migrants crossing into Serbia from Macedonia started in early June, the Red Cross said. Thousands of people have so far passed through Presevo - mostly Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, and Eritreans.

Most of them view Serbia as a stop on their journey toward western European countries where they intend to seek asylum, Beta reported.


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