Lajčak: Belgrade no longer meddling

In an interview with B92, Miroslav Lajčak said Belgrade was no longer interfering in Bosnia-Hercegovina’s internal affairs.

Source: B92, Tanjug

The high representative had previously spoken of this and other matters with President Boris Tadić in Belgrade.

After the meeting, Lajčak told B92 that he had informed Tadić of the political situation in Bosnia-Hercegovina and had expressed his pleasure at Bosnian leaders’ devotion to European integration.

Asked whether he expected the outcome of the Kosovo crisis to have ramifications for Bosnia-Hercegovina, he said he did not, stressing that the country had its own “challenges and problems,“ and that it was not a “hostage to Kosovo.“

“There is not a single reason for Bosnia to be tied in with Kosovo, though I cannot ignore the fact that Kosovo is a part of the region and that it will create a climate in the region. In that sense, everything is linked, but not directly. It’s all in the hands of Bosnia’s politicians,“ said Lajčak.

The high representative added that, during their conversation, the president had given his opinion on the situation in Bosnia-Hercegovina, the region and Kosovo.

He also stated that Srebrenica could not be withdrawn from the country’s make-up, as some Bosniak politicians have suggested, as the borders between the entities were clearly defined.


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