Report adopted; Vučić: "We have a big fight ahead for CSM"

Members of the Serbian Parliament continued the discussion on the Kosovo issue today.

Source: B92

President of the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia announced the start of voting, that is, deciding on several items on the agenda.

Report on the negotiation process with the temporary institutions on Pristina - For 154, against 23 - accepted.

After voting, the session was closed.

"The people brought us to power. We won the elections and the people wanted changes. Serbia is a free country and that is why it is respected, and that is a big change compared to before," added Vučić.

"We will have difficult talks. We have a big fight for the CSM ahead of us. That is the most important thing. I am sure there will be pressure from the Albanian side, and after that there will be talks about other topics. We have to understand what the West is looking for. It is clear to them that the defeat of Russia will be much more difficult, because they started to fight better. I am afraid that the war will only be more difficult, with an even larger scale," he concluded.

"I am to blame because we did not introduce sanctions. It was my initiative. The price is high and I am to blame for that".

President of Serbia was asked about whether the so-called Kosovo was recognized by him in 1999.

Vučić recalled the fact that, as a member of the SRS, he was against the Kumanovo Agreement, while the DS voted for that agreement.

"You are accusing me of what you did," said Vučić.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said at the session of the Assembly that he is afraid that the Albanians will be satisfied only with a seat in the United Nations and added that Serbia has to participate in the dialogue and oppose Kosovo's membership in the UN.

"I am afraid that they will not be satisfied with what I was called a traitor for, they will be satisfied with only one thing, and that is the UN," said Vučić, adding that this is what worries him.

He stressed that he will not return Serbia to the 19th or 20th century, that he will not think about wars, but to avoid them, and lead the country into the future.

"We have to negotiate without trampling our national interests. Kurti wants to deceive us. He wanted to form the CSM after Kosovo is admitted to the UN. That's why Shaip Kamberi said that an agreement must be reached immediately. We'll see when the moment comes who will behave and in what ways," he pointed out.

Vučić: I want to avoid wars

"I don't want to think about wars, I want to avoid them. I've already said, if the moment comes, we'll see who wants to behave. I wasn't worried by chance, I know what I'm talking about," says Vučić.

Vučić on broken unity

Vučić reminded that he always voted unanimously on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija even when he was in the opposition.

He accused the opposition of breaking unity by deciding not to vote for the Report.

Vučić: I personally prevented Kosovo from joining UNESCO with the Japanese and Hungarians

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, today at a session in the Parliament of Serbia, when asked by Milica Djurdjević Stamenkovski from the Serbian party Oath Keepers (Zavetnici) whether the parliament intends to adopt a clear strategy in the negotiations, said that parliament must not behave irresponsibly and not raise red lines whenever it wants.

"Although you have told me countless times that I must not publicly say that I am not in favor of recognizing an independent Kosovo and that I do not support its membership in the UN, when I did that you have now spread the story to other institutions," he said at the request of Milica Djurdjević Stamenkovski to state whether he is in favor of the entry of the so-called of Kosovo to Interpol or UNESCO

In this regard, Vučić emphasized that he prevented the so-called Kosovo join UNESCO.

He added that he had had enough of those from the "anti-state movement", especially after yesterday's incident.

"It wasn't me who came to the podium yesterday to settle accounts, but you brought rags and wrote the biggest insults, I guess to help Kurti, which is why you became big stars in Pristina and probably raised that international reputation you're talking about there, and only there where they hate Serbs and nowhere else," said Vučić.

Responding to Milica Djurdjević Stamenkovski that she believes that Italy does not belong to the Big Five, the President pointed out that that country is very important to Serbia.

"Italy is important to us for several reasons, among other things, because it is a member of the G7 Group and, for example, has a higher GDP than Russia," Vučić emphasized.

Vučić: Whoever believes in Kurti, does not believe in the truth

The president, responding to Shaip Kamberi's statements, said that whoever believes Albin Kurti does not believe in the truth.

"From whom should you save your people? From "genocide", as you say?", Vučić asked Kamberi.

He says that Kamberi calls Serbs "genocidal" when he is away from foreign embassies, and he does not say that in parliament because he speaks for foreign embassies there.

"You called this country, from which you get your bread, which built you a maternity hospital, roads and a railway, a "fascist country". Why don't you say that in the People's House, so that people can hear? You are asking that "fascist country of genocidal people" to behave differently?", Vučić asked Kamberi.

"There is no monastery in Kosovo and Metohija that we have not invested in"

"Your target and your topic is me, and my target and my topic are the progress of Serbia and the future of this country"

"I will never agree on Kosovo's entry into the UN," says Vučić.



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