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Regular parliamentary, provincial and local elections are being held in Serbia today, polling stations opened at 7 o'clock

Source: B92, Tanjug

Today, until the polls close at 8 pm, they will choose between a total of 21 parties, coalitions or lists, which need to pass the three percent threshold to enter parliament.

Elections are also being held in Kosovo and Metohija.

Citizens will be able to use their voting right at 8.385 polling stations.

The elections are monitored by 3.341 domestic and 111 foreign observers.

The elections are held in compliance with all prescribed epidemiological measures, so voters will have to come to the polling station with masks or, if they do not wear it, they will get it before they go to the polls.

The distance between the citizens must be at least one meter, and the members of the election commission will also wear protective equipment.

The hands will be disinfected at the entrance, and the same will happen when leaving the polling station.

You can follow the election day live on our portal.

19.21 IPSOS announced that 45.5 percent of voters voted in the parliamentary elections by 7 pm.

19.02 REC: Turnout until 6 pm in Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija is 40.82 percent. It is estimated that 42% of registered voters voted in Kosovo and Metohija.

The CRTA announced that 41.8 percent of voters voted by 6 pm. The highest turnout is in Western Serbia, in Belgrade below the average, the lowest in the entire country.

18.25 IPSOS announced that 41% of voters turned out by 6 pm

17:42 CRTA: By 5 pm, 38.2 percent voted

17:12 At the session of the REC, it was announced that by 4 pm the turnout was 33.42 on the territory of Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija, while the turnout in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija is estimated at 35 percent.

17:00 According to the latest data from Crta in Serbia, the turnout by 4 pm is 34.6 percent.

15:36 CRTA published turnout data by 3 pm - 30.8 percent of voters voted.

15:00 Turnout in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina until 2 pm is 27.73 percent, the Provincial Election Commission announced.

14:49 In a total of 29 prisons in Serbia, 46.29 percent of detainees - detainees and convicts - voted by noon, according to the Administration for Execution of Criminal Sanctions.

14:34 According to the data of CESID who arrived from the polling stations, the turnout in the elections in Serbia by 2 pm is 26.4 percent.

13:15 According to the data of IPSOS Serbia and CeSID from the polling stations, the turnout in the elections in Serbia by 1 pm is 23.4 percent.

Turnout in today's parliamentary elections until 1 pm is higher than in the 2016 elections, while it is slightly lower than in the 2017 presidential elections.

So far, no major irregularities have been noticed at the polling stations, Kurir reports.

13:07 The REC announced that 18.01 percent of registered voters voted in the parliamentary elections in Serbia by 12 o'clock.


12:20 The President of Serbia and the leader of the list entitled "For our children", Aleksandar Vucic, voted today around noon in New Belgrade

He cast his vote with a large presence of domestic and foreign media teams, and the president waited in line to perform his duty.

12:15 According to the data of IPSOS Serbia who arrived from the polling stations, the turnout in the elections in Serbia by 12 noon is 18.8 percent.

11:15 Milos Jovanovic, the "Broom 2020" movement, Samir Tandir from the SPP, Minister Nela Kuburovic Kisic, and Aleksandar Vulin also voted.

11:10 The Republic Election Commission announced that the turnout was 9.3 percent by 10 o'clock.

As it was said, the election day is going in the best possible order.

"The first three hours since the opening of the polls are extremely encouraging," the president of the REC, Vladimir Dimitrijevic said, adding that all epidemiological measures are being applied - masks and gloves are being worn and disinfectants are being applied.

10:38 Bojan Klacar in front of CeSID states for TV Prva that the turnout is expected by 9 am, and that it is somewhat lower than in the presidential elections.

Klacar further says that it is too early to say what the turnout will be in these elections, and by 9 am, according to CeSiD estimates, it is 5.2 percent.

"We'll have some more serious assessments after 6 pm," he says.

10:19 The Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) announced that, based on the data received so far, the turnout by 9 am is 5.2 percent of voters.

10:02 The US Ambassador to Serbia Anthony Godfrey announced on his Twitter account that he is in the role of an international observer in this election.

09:59 The Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic performed her civic duty today and voted at her polling station, at the School of Design in Dedinje.

The Prime Minister, in accordance with the circumstances related to the coronavirus, under which these elections are being held, entered the polling station with a protective mask.

09:46 The Center for Election Monitoring (CPI) announced that, based on the data received from the polling stations where their observers are, the turnout by 9 am is 5.3 percent.

As it was stated, no major irregularities that could affect the regularity of the election process were noticed by 9 o'clock.

09:34 SNS commissioner in Nis Zvezdan Milovanovic voted this morning in that city.

He voted at the polling station in the elementary school "Kole Rasic".

09:29 Branislav Nedimovic, Minister of Agriculture and the first on the list "Aleksandar Vucic - for our children", voted this morning at the polling station in Sremska Mitrovica.

09:26 The first REC conference will be at 11 am, when the turnout will be announced, and the first results will be shortly after 10 pm, DImitirjevic said for TV Prva.

09:15 Cedomir Jovanovic, president of the LDP and first on the list of the Coalition for Peace, voted this morning at polling station number 5 in New Belgrade.

09:11 All 176 polling stations were opened in Nis this morning, but some with a slight delay due to the necessary preparations.

The president of the City Election Commission, Ljiljana Beric, told Beta agency that the delays were due to the installation of disinfection barriers and the distribution of masks and gloves to the members of the polling boards.

According to her, the delays were mostly about 15 minutes.

"When the delays are shorter than one hour, the voting is not extended after 8 pm," Beric said.

According to the data of the City Election Commission, 231.134 people have the right to vote in Nis, and the names of 16 parties, coalitions and groups of citizens are on the ballots for the election of councilors of the City Assembly.

09:04 The Minister of Finance and member of the Presidency of the SNS, Sinisa Mali, voted today at around 8.30 am at polling station number 2 in the Higher Business School in Zvezdara.

In accordance with the circumstances regarding the coronavirus, under which these elections are being held, the Minister entered the polling station with a protective mask and gloves.

08:53 In the Pomoravlje district, where 187.750 adult citizens have the right to vote, voting for MPs and members of local assemblies began this morning.

Voting is taking place at 288 polling stations, and all of them were opened on time, with the respect of epidemiological measures, the municipal election commissions told Tanjug.

In front of certain polling stations, before the opening, queues were formed, and people from the commissions distributed protective epidemiological masks and gloves.

08:34 All polling stations in central Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija and in the diaspora were opened on time and all protection measures were taken in accordance with the recommendations of the Crisis Staff, the President of the Republic Election Commission (REC) Vladimir Dimitrijevic said this morning.

08:25 Member of the Presidency of the Serbian Progressive Party, Goran Vesic, voted this morning at around 7.30 am in the Third Belgrade Gymnasium, at polling station number 5.

08:06 The director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija and the vice president of the Serbian Progressive Party, Marko Djuric, voted this morning at 7 am in the local community Cvetni trg in Vracar.

07:00 Polling stations opened.


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