"Friday's rally in Belgrade will be spectacular"

Ivica Dacic says Friday's rally in Belgrade, a part of President Aleksandar Vucic's "Future of Serbia" campaign, will be "spectacular."

Source: Beta
The National Assembly in Belgrade (Tanjug, file, illustration)
The National Assembly in Belgrade (Tanjug, file, illustration)

The foreign minister and SPS party leader said the gathering will last several hours, starting at 16:00 CET, and will be "ten, fifteen times more massive" than the opposition rally held in Belgrade last Saturday.

"The gathering will be spectacular, it will be a clear message about who has the biggest support in Serbia," he told Pink TV on Thursday.

Dacic said that he United Serbia leader Dragan Markovic urged have invited their supporters to show up in Belgrade tomorrow.

He explained that Serbia's president and SNS party leader Aleksandar Vucic would address the rally at 18:00 hours, and that several pop and folk stars would perform before and after the speech.

Commenting on the demands of the opposition Alliance for Serbia, Dacic said that there an electoral system that would make them the winners does not exist.

"Everyone can come without any fear, our gatherings are peaceful, unlike theirs where the question is what they will storm," Dacic said.


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