US State Department "disappointed" with news out of Belgrade

The US State Department said it was disappointed with the ruling in the trial for the burning of the US embassy in Belgrade in 2008.

Source: Tanjug
(Screen capture)
(Screen capture)

It took place after the rally "Kosovo is Serbia."

"None of the accused has been sentenced to prison terms, even though one person was killed and material damage was huge," the US State Department spokesman said in a written statement for Voice of America, Tanjug reported on Friday.

The US State Department notes that it is important to bring to justice not only those who participated in the attack, but, as they say, those who were in power and ordered the withdrawal of the police from checkpoints near the embassy.

"We are waiting for the start of the trial of five policemen. The US embassy in Belgrade has worked closely with the Serbian authorities in the investigation, and we will continue to cooperate with the Serbian government and the police in this case," the US State Department said.

The Belgrade High Court on Tuesday sentenced to suspended sentences of five and six months four men for throwing stones at the US embassy in Belgrade in 2008 after the "Kosovo is Serbia" rally, and acquitted three others.


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