Liaison banned from entering Kosovo "because of Peace Park"

Belgrade's liaison officer in Priština Dejan Pavićević was banned from entering Kosovo "because of his participation in the construction of Peace Park."

Source: Politika, Tanjug

This was announced by Driton Lajci, an adviser to the Kosovo minister of justice.

Earlier this week, reports said that Pavićević was turned back from the Merdare administrative crossing because he lacked valid documents.

"Mr. Pavićević was directly involved in the formation of Peace Park, and it is not in the jurisdiction of his office to go back and forth, to send messages, 'no integration of the north and the south'," said this Kosovo Albanian official.

The Belgrade-based daily Politika also quoted Lajci as saying that Pavićević "violated the principles of the contract" and had "gone outside the jurisdiction of his office."

Lajci said that the Priština authorities viewed Peace Park as a message of disintegration.

On the other hand, Priština's liaison officer in Belgrade, Valdet Sadiku, told the daily that he regretted the case involving his counterpart Pavićević, noting that it was "resolved on Wednesday night" and that "it was a misunderstanding."

"We received a letter yesterday which said that everything will continue to take place as usual," said Sadiku.

Kosovo Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi said on Wednesday that the Priština authorities "had their reasons" to prevent Pavićević from entering Kosovo.

Pavićević spoke for Tanjug to say the decision was a crude obstruction on the part of Priština of the implementation Brussels agreements, and urged the EU and the international community to promptly resolve the problem.


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