Minister sees "new system of work and way of thinking"

Defense Minister Bratislav Gašić says a decision "to start cabinet sessions at the exact time as scheduled" indicated "a new system of work and responsibility."

Source: Tanjug

Another decision that the minister said was indicative of this was that changing the working hours in the public sector, and a decree on the use of official vehicles.

"We must keep in mind that we are all here by the will of the people and that we must do everything we can for their prosperity,” Gašić told Tanjug.

The practice of holding telephone sessions is also abandoned, he said, noting that this is another indicator of a new way of thinking and a new system of work adopted by the government.

"True - the new working hours will not teach Serbia to work again, but this decision, made symbolically on May 1, shows that we are embarking on major reforms,” stressed Gašić, referencing the fact that Labor Day is a two-day non-working holiday in Serbia.

He said that the Serbian Army was "a well-regulated system to which this decision mainly does not apply, but that the civilian part of the Defense Ministry will comply with the new rules."

Commenting on the decree on the use of official vehicles, Gašić said that the number of these vehicles is "huge" and that the exact figure will be made public “because the government led by Aleksandar Vučić will not hide anything from the people".


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